Accueil Icône flèche 1 Bedroom apartment

1 Bedroom apartment

Plan de l'appartement

PrixBeginning at 1 165 $/month

Area (pi2)de 544 à 675 pi2

Area (m2)de 50.5 à 62.7 m2

Depending on the configuration



Linen closet

Kitchen island





Air conditioning

Washer and dryer

Kitchen range


Microwave oven


Appliances vary depending on the unit.

The 1 Bedroom apartment provides more space and privacy that the bachelor unit. It features a kitchen with large counters and a dishwasher, a living room, a bedroom, a well-appointed bathroom and a lot of storage space. Various configurations are available, depending on the floor and the apartment’s orientation.

Take a look at the different configurations.

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